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"The Slaps are the Midwest's biggest smile. Real sharp and kind-like, sweet with tobacco and cola. They’re young and they possess a Golden Corral appetite for their craft and its explorations. The Slaps truly don’t consider things that might attach to limits. And for that they can fly.


The Slap boys; Rand Kelly (gtr), Ramsey Bell (bass), and Josh Resing (drums) that is, come from many places and they take and leave many parts of themselves along the way. From Kentucky to Chicago and back, with some even laying stead in Atlanta. That makes them local boys in my book, at least till that lease runs out in October. There’s a perfect blend of Midwest stock and southern charm to The Slaps. The music started some point a ways back and it doesn’t ever stop. From pop-adjacent indie to post punk with all the starts and stops to life-considering journeys of frozen still balladry: The Slaps are fishing for every human emotion, attempting to build a lodge and sweat it out of ya then and there. The music is now growing new limbs with far reaches in improvisation and avant-garde fencing. And that’s all there is to it, a world of opportunities Slapping like waves against the napes of three imaginations. Hear it come crashing down."         

                                                                                  - Z Staehling Record Plug Magazine

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